Is property insurance important?

Property insurance provides protection against potential risks to a property although there are separate policies to cover each individual risk. Private home owners and large corporations stand to benefit from property insurance for a number of reasons, namely the financial compensation attributed to the policyholder in the event of losses or damages incurred to the property.

Home owner insurance

Home owners insurance or home insurance, refers to an insurance policy that only covers private homes. Policyholders benefit from a set of insurance protections that could range from damages instigated by plumbing problems, loss of personal possessions or damages to the home itself. It is worth noting that damages occurred due to earthquakes, floods and just about any other natural disasters are not covered.

Earthquake insurance

Earthquake insurance is very common in countries where this type of large-scale natural disaster strikes regularity. The policyholder will receive compensation in the event of an earthquake if the property insured suffered damage, normally structural damage or if it was completely destroyed.

Flood insurance

Flood insurance is a specific insurance coverage bought by home owners who wish to have protection against property loss from flooding. In geographical areas where floods are very common some insurance companies might not provide flood insurance since the risk factor is extremely high and a large-scale disaster could completely drain the company

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